Trust Registration

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Trust registration has become a complex process needing expert guidance and the legal document on which the registration of trust is signed is called a trust deed. Trust deed must be executed on an appropriate non-judicial stamp paper. Two types of trust are present and they are as follows:


1. Public trust:

A charitable trust or public trust is created by keeping the general public in mind.


2. Private trust:

When a particular group of individuals signs a trust deed for their benefits then it is called private trust.


The following are the important characteristics of a Trust deed:

  • Minimum 2 persons are required to form a trust but there is no upper limit.
  • Trust deed must contain the aims and objectives behind the registration of the trust. It should also mention the mode of management of the trust.
  • No election is required for the appointment of board changes.
  • The chances of dissolving trust are meager.


trust registration