Why patent registration is important in India?

The importance of patents has increased tremendously over last few decades. Every company is creating a strong patent portfolio. It is important to know the advantages involved in getting a patent and how does the patent benefit an inventor.……

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What may not serve as a Trademark

With the emergence of competitive market economy, manufacturers began to identify their products by certain symbols, marks or devices so as to distinguish their goods from similar goods manufactured and marketed by others. This led to the emergence of trademark in ……

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The importance of Trade secret

In today’s world almost every person knows what intellectual property is and protection of intellectual property has become a matter of paramount importance for every person involved with intellectual property. Patents, trademarks and copyrights have been the most ……

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Difference between Copyright, Patent and Trademark

Intellectual property is a vast and complex term. Many a time people are confused or have incorrectly used the terms in intellectual property law. They have spoken of “copyrighting” an idea or even “patenting” a book! To understand these terms, it is essential to know what ……

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Benefits of 27001 Certification

Generally speaking, most organisations and businesses will have some form of controls in place to manage information security. These controls are necessary as information is one of the most valuable assets that a business owns. However, the effectiveness of such a ……

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Why is copyrighting so important?

Imagine after all your hard work and creativity someone else claims to be the owner of the piece of work, or creates the same piece of art demanding all the credit! Isn’t it disappointing? To avoid such situations it is important to register a copyright.……

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