All You Should Know About Legal Notice In India

There are several instances when you have to take a legal action against a person or company such as a property dispute, consumer grievance, cheque bounce, divorce, eviction, and many more! However, you require to inform that person or company that you ……

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All You Should Know About IEC (Import Export Code) And Its Benefits

Taking your product or services to the international market will expand your businesses. But visualizing an import/export operation itself can be difficult for an uninitiated person, and her job is made more difficult by the various commercial jargons and legal procedures that international trade has.……

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Benefits & Importance of MSME Registration

Every nation’s economic hopes are pinned on its young, small businesses. The Indian government, with this in mind, offers numerous benefits to such organizations so that they may achieve growth with less difficulty. To avail of these benefits, the organizations that ……

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Progression Of The Legal Department In Financial Services

Technology can make our lives easier, but for most attorneys it can be a real hurdle to adopt and trust new technology. This collision between traditional lawyering and new technology has come to a head, raising many questions. For example, how can global ……

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LLP Vs Partnership – Which One Is Better?

Selection of the correct form of business entity is the most important decision taken by an entrepreneur. To make choices simpler and assist you in taking a well informed decision, here is a basic comparison chart of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) vs Partnership.……

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Advantages of Patent Registration in India

In India, Patent is often considered as high profile activity contrary to its reality. It is often perceived that Patent is only for researchers and scientists, this is not true always. Innovative spirit is even found even in an illiterate person, who is trained by his own experience……

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Benefits of Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) Early

Are you in a never ending battle with your Income Tax Return (ITR)? Do you for some reason or another, get really close to the due date when filing the return? We thought so! To get you out of the practice of filing your return close to the due date, we have compiled a ……

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OPC (One Person Company) and its Interesting 8 Benefits

  The Concept of “One Person Company” or OPC is a new term introduced in India but it is a very successful form of business in US, UK and several European countries since long back. The concept of OPC was first recommended by the expert committee Dr. JJ Irani on 31st ……

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