The Kind Of Food Businesses That Requires FSSAI License

FSSAI registration in India plays an important role for regulating and supervising the food safety and also mandatory for all the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in order to obtain the FSSAI license. Now there comes a common confusion among the FBOs is the license which the businessman is required to obtain.……

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Important Types Of Breach Of Contract

A breach of contract is the failure of any party to fulfil the terms of a contract without a lawful excuse. However, not every breach is created equal. Section 37 of the Indian Contract Act,1872 provides that the parties to the contract are under obligation to perform or offer to perform, their respective promises under the contract, unless such performance is dispensed with or……

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Some Actions That Are Not Considered As Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement in India has become a significant affair in the modern world and it happens when a person deliberately or accidently copies the work of another creator. Hence, the Copyright Act offers certain exceptions to infringement.The aim of these clauses is to allow the upliftment of private study and ……

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All You Should Know About Breach Of Contract

  Drafting of legal documents in India is very important component of legal practice and advocacy and if you’re a business owner, you will come across with many contracts to be signed and even made mistakes while signing the contract.But, what happens when they do? ……

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Important Things Every Partnership Agreement Needs

  Businesses set up as partnerships, legal entities where two or more people own and run a business, enable companies to benefit from multiple owners’ diverse knowledge, skills, and resources. A partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship, and each partner owns a portion of the business’s assets and liabilities. So, what should your partnership agreement include?. ……

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Mandatory Registrations For Setting Up An Export Business

The Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act 1992, defines export as “taking out of India any goods by land, sea or air”. Export is completed once the goods have left the territorial water of India. In order to qualify as a transaction of export, the following conditions must be satisfied:.   ……

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All You Should Know About Shop & Establishment License

If you are an owner of a shop and want to avoid penalties, get up and do shop registration and grab the shop act license in the respective state that you live in India.In India, registered shops have many benefits. So let us know the benefits, its importance and basic facts of shop registration: ……

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3 Useful Sound Tips That Can Help Increase Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Increasing law firm profitability is not a suitable in all situation solution. It’s an ongoing process where you need to have a thorough alertness on the current economic conditions surrounding you.So what can you do the most to increase law firm profitability in a highly competitive environment? Here are 3 useful important tips that can help increase ……

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All You Should Know About Partnership Firm & Its Benefits

A Partnership Firm registration in India is a very popular firm registration of the business constitution. A partnership is basically when two or more people wish to come together to form a business. In other words, when two or more partners with same common business idea and with same skills and talents wish to ……

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