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Food Standard & SafetyAuthority of India (FSSAI)

The Food Standard and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is the supreme authority which is responsible for regulating and supervising the food safety. It is mandatory for all the Food Business Operators (FBOs) in order to obtain an FSSAI license. A common confusion or a misunderstanding which is among the FBOs is the license which the businessman is required to obtain.


FSSAI lays down science-based standards for the articles of food and it also regulates their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and the import in order to ensure the availability of safe and also wholesome food to 130 crore citizens of the country.


The Food business operators like petty food manufacturers and also the small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors etc are thus required to obtain the FSSAI Registration. The FSSAI Registration is however issued by the State Government. Depending upon the eligibility, an FBO can thus fall under the State or Registration license. It is thus mostly for the units having an annual turnover which is up to 12 lakh. The maximum tenure of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.


fssai registration service

Top reasons why you need to register your FSSAI:

  • Provide you with an extra advantage of a solid and an increase within the client base.
  • Offer you a position over the numerous food operators who don’t seem to be having the license and with the help of logo it helps you in developing your business brand.
  • The license can assist you to ascertain your name and also qualification to grow your business in a new direction with ease.
  • The license may create it easier for you to urge banks loans and for funding that is needed for growth.
  • Use the FSSAI logo skillfully on your menu cards and additionally within the pamphlets so as to publicize your food’s superior quality over others